Hello, 2012!

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Review of my 2011

2011 was a year of great change for me. When the year started, I was in a long-distance relationship with my fiancé. I was living in the United States and he was living in Malaysia. That’s 9,000 miles apart! Here’s how the rest of the year broke down:

-March 2011: Headed to Malaysia

-April 2011: Started In Love Abroad!

-May 2011: Fiancé’s interview at the embassy

-June 2011: Fiancé is issued a visa, celebratory trip to Bali, met my in-laws for the first time, moved back to the USA

-July 2011: Married!

-August 2011: Husband applied for green card …and is still waiting for a green card

As you can see, it’s been quite a year! So many other things have happened since our arrival in the US: I got and worked three jobs until December. My husband got his driver’s permit and social security card. We’ve had to adjust to living with my parents. And we’re both missing our fantastic Southeast Asian lifestyle (money goes so much further there).

In Love Abroad in 2012

After going through so much last year, this year will be the time to share what my husband and I have learned while closing the distance. We’ll give you advice on how to close the distance, as well as tips to prepare for what comes after closing the distance. You can also be on the lookout for a fantastic gift ideas post this month (because it’s only 44 days until Valentine’s Day!)

What’s happening in your 2012?

Readers, clue me in! What are your plans for 2012? Do you have a visit with your special someone coming up? Are you planning to finally close the distance? Or are you, unfortunately, becoming long distance this year? Please share your 2012 plans in the comments.

Happy New Year!

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